Black Stars: Tumi and Zubz ARE AT IT AGAIN

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Black Stars: Tumi and Zubz ARE AT IT AGAIN Black Stars: Tumi and Zubz ARE AT IT AGAIN cc388ab037317937f5421eb6db4510cc        Black Stars: Tumi and Zubz ARE AT IT AGAIN Black Stars: Tumi and Zubz ARE AT IT AGAIN 2e19fca9f963283c2487e50bf093ef39


The original black stars are at it again. Arguably the two most prolific and iconic MCs in Africa and long-time friends came together in the stu this past December to write another chapter in rap history. Tumi (from the V) and Zubz the last letter have made a gang of joints together in the past so when 2011 ended with no collaborative work from them, I was quite dissapointed. So when Tumi released, through his Twitter account (@TumiVolume) that the two recorded something over the holidays, and that it was a throwback project largely inspired by the kwaito golden era, it made me both excited and curious. This is what the man himself had to say:

“This is a mixtape Zubz and i did in 3 days. We hadn’t worked together
the whole of last yer and that felt unusual for us.
December always makes us think back to the golden era of kwaito and it
hit us, do a kwaito mixtape. Our approach was not to over think the
process, just do what comes and we set a three day limit for
ourselves. Our engineer Instro chopped up the old school kwaito hits
and we wrote song 3 songs a day. We not trying to ride on anybody’s
fame or glory, we just wanted to reintepret some of our favourite
kwaito tunes and try and relive those magic moments, but most
importantly pay homage to the original artists.”

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Just consider this a late Christmas present. Enjoy


(Alternatively, you can go to his twitter page and access the download link from there)


Spaceboy P

  • Sojane lebohang

    i indeed love tumis flws joo his rckng(maria !!!!!!) i love that song so that i hope this year i will be gtng that chnc of mitng wit hm dwn there ko sowe2 yea raise SA hip hop gys u indeed rck gys you, golden shevol, mawe2,proverb, zubs the last ltr,X- rate, mothipa and others u shld somtms cmbn the skill u ill lebza (16) H town Freestate

  • Makakare

    Tumi frm de v nd Zubz de lst latter u guyz r cream of crops nd ur doop leriks…,man u guyz rock nd al de best 4 u both.

  • Paying homage huh, word is bond.. Curiosity is killing a cat, when is the tape dropping don’s?… Y’all niggers haven’t disappointed my ass yet. Big ups y’all.

  • Biography:
    Tebogo, born 30-12-1991 Johannesburg, lived in Soweto Diepkloof zone-4 for several years,raised in Pretoria west Lotus-Gardens(Lowkey-Gutta).Well known by his stage name “Phat Blitz” aka “PB” and “Blitz” in short, PB is one in a few of Pretorian rappers who are holding it down like gravity in Cap City. PB has been a hip hop fan as a listener ever since day-one, and age of 15 which was in 2006 is when PB got a clue he can rhyme. Well it all began in a chyper back in high-school times high-on reefer,he verbally spelled from the top of the head and surprisingly PB got mad-love from the crowd. So ever since then, PB has been rapping Cap-City Rap-City to the core . The very same year PB became a member of a clique by the name of “B.G.A” (Bad-Gangstaz-Alive), that was the moment he had thought of slightly snapping out of the street scene and start dwelling in the booth. Therefore PB recorded his first track (untitled) ft Bongz,Sky,T-x,Buckz, the track was unorganized and based on free-styles. Though the track was unorganized, it had its uniqueness and had totally tracked a tremendous buzz for PB to a point where most rappers wanted to collaborate with him. In the year 2007 PB had left the B.G.A’s and started working with the “ALX” (Alcoholix-Crew) which was a musical group based in Lotus-Gardens (LowkeyGutta). ALX was a crew that had brought a real gangster theme to life in the Capital-City, and one of their core elements was consuming booze frequently, however wearing a blue bandanna which was a symbolic fragment of the picture ALX had painted. The crew was completely all about bringing originality into hip-hop, making sure that their lyrics on every single record reflects on their real life occurrences. Though the crew had been causing havoc throughout the sessions in state-theatre and the streets of Cap-City, the crew had slowly but surely rose to dominance.. PB swore his loyalty to the ALX-crew and worked on two rowdy and raw mixtapes which made his street-cred get even. The year 2009 PB left the group because of personal glitches, and that’s when his solo career had commenced. At first it was all about dropping singles just maintain the street-cred he had obtained during the glory-days, after having a collection of songs that he had worked on, PB came up with a concept of dropping a solo project. The year 2010 PB started compiling a mixtape by the name of “The Infirm Mixtape.Vol.1” which he had dropped on the 4th November 2011, independently. The mixtape is based on sick lyrical content and intriguing rhyme-schemes, plus PB’s bad and good life experiences throughout the young and restless days his been through during his come-up as a rapper. With “The Infirm Mixtape.Vol.1” on promotion, PB has managed to get interviews and features on websites worldwide, plus sell 180 copies independently. The mixtape contains hit singles such as “U Gon Lov Me Now” that has charted on “Tshwane-FM”, “Red-Wire Radio”, “Exposed Vocals”. PB (PhatBlitz) is currently working on his independence as a up and coming hardcore rapper who wants nothing to do with the evolution of Hip-Hop and the mainstream scene, therefore he had invented his own studio by the name of (Core4Mat) which is set to let him be uncompromising and real to himself and the art of rap!

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