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Common VS Drake Common VS Drake common vs drake2

Another day in the rap kitchen, another serving of spiced raw beef. And this time it’s between two rappers that are more similar than they are different, or at least we think so. In case you didn’t know, Drake and Common share more than just a similar skin complection. Common’s ex girlfriend, tennis player Serena Williams, has been rumoured to have romantic links with Drake as of late, the issue which many claim is the cause of the most peculiar rap beef ever. One wouldn’t be blamed for eluding to this claim seeing as Common’s aggression seemed to just appear out of nowhere in the form of the third single from his new album.  In the song, titled ‘Sweet’, Common speaks “Some ho ass n*ggas singing all around me, la la la. You aint m*therf*ckin’ Frank Sinatra” He goes on in a rant at the end of the song to say:

“You know man, you should know where I come from
You should know who I am nigga
You should never wanna go against me
You know man, you too soft for that man
I be seeing you man, I see it in your eyes man
You ain’t the type of nigga that could go against me

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The more than subtle references to “soft” rappers and singing rappers in the song immediately led everyone to believe that the shots were directed at Drake, who was in the process of releasing his sophomore album at the time. In an interview with radio station Hot 97, Drake addressed the song claiming that he didn’t know if the song was addressed to him or not because no names are mentioned. Clearly, he later changed his mind for reason because he’s come back with a verse on Rick Ross’ mixtape single ‘Still Schemin”, which also features French Montana, in which Drake opens his verse rapping “It bothers me when gods get to acting like broads, guess every team doesn’t come complete with niggas like ours” The verse throws other subliminals at Common making refernces to Serena. This must pissed off Common coz he responded to it within days of its release using the same instrumental sounding angry as hell and even mentioning Drake’s name in the track.

The way we see it is, this beef is completely messed up. Common is going off at Drake for being soft? He is a legend in the this game but he’s no Scarface himself. And even if he was, his extreme occupation with what a much much younger rapper is doing in the game (and doing well, by the way) just seems random and makes him come off as a sour grape. And if this is really about Serena, both of them are above going to war over a woman, they should just hug and make up. I mean where do we really see beef this going? Both of them are somewhat consious guys, both have never been to prison (as far as we know) and neither look hard enough to win an arm wresting match against Willow Smith. Fellas please, let’s get over it!

Spaceboy P

  • Look, i dont think common was specifically talkin bout drake, initially. i got a sense he was generally referring to all them rappers that be claiming they rap when they singing in more than half the songs in their albums. In most of the interviews where they asked him bout sweet, he always said that his attitude was, “if it fits wear it, that goes for Drake or any other rapper that’s having second thoughts about the song.” but at the same time I understand why drake would see it as a diss towards him, i mean, he is the poster boy of these new rapsingers. Personally, I don’t care who is sweet, soft or hard; if you nice on the mic, you nice(as long as you don’t claim things you never did). I’ve heard still schemin remix and i think saying common was angry as hell is an exaggeration, i mean, come on now. For the record, I am a Common fan, still I have nothin against Drake, I mean, if he wants to sing and the ladies that listen to his music are happy then it’s all gud.

  • Gift NMD

    I’m with Common on this one,Drake is not an MC,for me Drake is more of Pop and R&B.
    Let’s not forget what Common did to Ice Cube so gay Drake mast just drop the mic and join
    R Kelly and do a join’d album,like for real this nigga did say my name
    When he was in J-Sec and u call him an MC? Get the F out of here.
    One Time For Your Mind!

  • I don’t know what Common said, but with whatever shitty things he said… The Brother’s right. Take for instance Wayne, these lyrical wack American artist refer to him as “The Greatest Rapper Alive”, SHIT, there are tons of great rapper out there J. Cole is more of a rapper than an MC. So, I can give it to him as a rapper, compared to Wayne.
    Coming to Drake, Drake is a singer, a vocalist. He should follow Nelly and quite the Rap game. Everyone try my crew’s page at http://soundcloud.com/arkfam . I am just a producer! Oh, and everything there is for FREE

  • First i gotta say, only if tha two n*ggas in question were real , a woman’s name wasn’t gonna surface in thier beef. Den 4 da record Drizzy has lost it, he should now be rolling with tha Trey Songs etc coz he iz putting out is nolonger hip-hop.

  • Sk The Younglion

    In all honesty Drake fell off,he is extremely overrated as a rapper and he is not an MC. I Mean if Americans praise Lil Wayne and his wack lyrics then there is little to say about their standards. What Common said about Drake is all true shem!!! Drake won’t even think of dissing Common because he knows what is gona happen to him. I just wish Proverb can get in a battle with Drake on something like BET and really MOP THE FLOOR with Drake coz that guy has hardcore lyrics!!!! #Drake is just making hoe music!!

  • Shaxey-Bathong

    Big ups to Common, Ok Drake might sound nice and all that shit but i don’t see him as a rapper at all, so as Wayne i don’t like Ross but he is a rapper. Listen to 50 Cent he can rap and sing at the same time but we still know he is a rapper. So to all of you who says Wayne is the greatest rapper alive…. I wish God make G-UNIT And Shady Aftermath a nightmare to you this year.

  • Youngmayne Nyathi

    hip hop has taken anotha turn so 4 common 2 cll drizzy soft it’s jus hm being old skull.l wll b damned if l pic a side here 4 ese r 2 playas who play e sam game bt dffrnt positions e former relies on r’n’b singers 2 mke hits bt e ltta does his own.if it’s ova a wman ey neva stoop dat low.

  • Honestly, I think Common is to big for this kinda stuff. Let him do movies and ish and not rap anymore. As for Drizzy, (GAY)> if you are a fan then you are (GAY) “no offence to all homosexuals” he is not a rapper at all. Phonte is a rapper if you did not know. So basically they both suck.


    i’m wit common on ths one drake is wack

  • Brzzz

    I feel that beef is silly, but for whatever reason they going toe to toe, this is just what needed to happen for people to talk about they feelings about the way things have changed, cause they have, and things changing is a sign of growth and whether that is positive or negative is irrelevant because change is constructive anyway. And yea, Com would kill Drizzy any day, but is that really as relevant now as it used to be???

  • drake is not deeper that rap*:he gut cute line**he don’t know the different of rap en singing *i hope Common will advice her(drake) Properly.

  • jst let bigdogs 2 grab each other,i thnk Drake can’t give any lesson 2 an old dog like common.

  • Hlox da rebel poet

    We don’t need this in hip hop right now. What Drake should do is,ask Common for Saterday Hip Hop classes.

  • Gilbert Kamaliza

    we need beef thats wat makes hiphop more interestn

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