AKA vs Sleek Note

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AKA vs Sleek Note AKA vs Sleek Note 792744597de374ee5f2497bc7be44f1cYall remember Sleek Note right? That’s the crew with the Lil Wayne look-alike by the name of Young Nucho, who allegedly had that controversial brawl with Young Money executives during Weezy’s visit to SA in December last year (they are also featured in our current issue out on shelves now).  It seem like Mac Maine and Bryan Cortez were only the first of many rapping victims to feel the wrath of Sleek Note’s G-status.

AKA vs Sleek Note AKA vs Sleek Note 8bd1e213bbd5643c90d08c0ca9623572Early last week, the infamous Young Nucho (@RealyoungNucho on Twitter) launched a vicious attack on local dance crew, the Repertoires, claiming that they are a talentless bunch who have no money. People laughed at, attacked and made fun of Nucho. He fired back and after a while all was well again in Twitterville. Everything was quiet for some time. Yesterday group member Ace got into a dramatic Twitter altercation (or Twar = Twitter War) with the J-sec golden boy AKA over, well, nothing it appears. Out of nowhere, the two started exchanging threats, which humorously enough led to AKA asking Ace to join him for ice-cream at Milky Lane. The only thing funnier than that request is that Ace actually took AKA’s cynical request seriously and tweeted a picture of himself waiting for AKA at the Milky Lane in Eastgate Mall in JHB, writing “Am here nigga. Cum buy me ma Ice Cream, bitch”. Are you serious, dude? How did you imagine this would play out? An ice-cream fight? This is not a G-unit video, you can’t just show up to a public space (at an ice-cream and waffle place, of all places) with the intention to throw down like it’s an episode of WWE. When AKA expressed his disbelief on Ace’s actions, Ace continued to taunt him, tweeting “Am heartbroken. Ma bitch jus bailed on me but its Ol gud. Hoes will be hoes, ama cum to your crib”. He continued “Don’t advertise ur next gig. Niggas will be there in the crowd. That’s a f*cken promise”. Seems like whatever the cause for his rage, dude is really determined to whoop AKA’s ass. We’ll see how this plays out. Oh by the way, do they serve beef at waffle houses?

  • Ohhh there goes Nucho again..last time i checked his name was new slang for ‘Counterfeit’… There they roll again, together with the click members. That’s just how fayyyyye they is!!! Shout outs to AKA for holdin it down…we got mad love and fools ain’t no obstacle… Ay yho Ace, you homo?!!? … Ain’t got no hating here. Um jussaying ya’ll leave Aka alone…

  • TashaDaDream

    🙂 No surprise Ace is still a kid why wuld Aka offer me ice-cream u wuld wonder.cos he act lik a kid cnt share shots n laugh abt it”Aka big ups way to handl yo business…n stop looking for beef guys.

  • tyzo


  • Bantu

    u know this Weezy-wanna-b “Nucho”- got no words for him

    Ace, your so gay dude…LMAO


    • Young L’Goon

      Yall b#tch Ass Niggas are haters….SleekNote are in this b#tch!!!! Yeahzzzai

  • lindinkosi

    Fuck Young Money wana bes maaan,I dnt like AKA bt atleast he is real unlike u fake ass niggass,u nigaas gataa start making ur own swag nd stop bitung nd hating,Im the beast by the way

  • I only toast man hole crw a bunch of bitch ass nigga

  • That ace guy is just being a mature and by the way “ACE” you look like whack you and your crew!Big ups to AKA. for being so mature

  • mt

    simz lyk AKA iz in trable here.if u follow the story AKA started the beef with nucho,then ACE interferd come on AKA u started it finish it have a back bone boi,go sleeknote go

  • Fuck pips dat be jugin dat SLEEKNOTE I know ace he my hommie and go fuck yo mothers 4 sayin he gay u low life son of a bitch just because he gets money in dollars and u still down by da fucken R10 don’t be jealous bitch u poor we rich his swag presses charges on yo ass AND FUCK AKA

  • Dnt col my ninjas fucken young money wanna be’s u fucked lil bitch

  • Beast dnt fuck around bitch behave

  • Switcher

    This AKA boy is nothing but trouble, since from the start i never rank him, but ACE ma homie you are a dog so hunt for that bitch(AKA) and ruin the whole lot of him.

  • terryheartzZ

    get ur own swagg
    get ur own shitt
    u’aint raping ma game get ur own cling..
    aka here u r sweatin new hatter..#respect

  • heei let him suck his dick

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