Slikour sets the record straight!

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Slikour sets the record straight! Slikour sets the record straight! 5210d3546b12809e811f287bb043005fIf you picked up HYPE magazine in April 2011 you’d have read the cover article we published on Slikour, in which we chatted about the controversial track ‘Blacks R Fools’. We knew then the controversy it would spark – and it’s a shame the media only picked up on it recently (what happened to listening to albums when they come out y’all?) – but perhaps that has all to do with the video that only dropped a month ago.

Either way, we got the first exclusive a year ago with Siya Metane on that track and still stand by him and support it 100%. The chorus echoes the words “But I hope we’re better than that”. Slikour specifically told HYPE ‘What’s key in what I want to say is that it’s not money that’s gonna change people, it’s our minds and our perceptions. That’s it.’

Suffice to say this song has been causing quite an uproar of late, inciting anger in some, empathy in others, but mostly support for Slikour’s lyrics. Recently a newspaper article was published which shone negative light on the  song. Slik’s company Buttabing released a press release that you can check out for yourself. Numerous complaints also flooded the BCCSA and SABC has come out in full support of the song. Kaiser Kganyago (head of group communications) released the following statement: “If a song is derogatory, incites violence or has swear words, we will not play it. That has not happened with Slikour’s song.’’

It’s always great to engage in healthy debate, and judging by the amount of attention this song is getting – Slik told HYPE that it achieved its purpose.


  • Tanzy

    Ths shows d amount that we as supporters sho our artists. how lng hs d album bin out n thrs only a loud bang abt it nw dat d single has a video-> thnx hype 4doin wt u do bst

  • Thulani Conco

    Viva la Slikour! To have your corporates backing the song you cant go wrong with that. After all the message is very clear in the song- we as people have to do better than what we typically consider to be successful (money, status,cars,girls, etc. anything of the nature)

    Thulz in LDN,UK


    Whatever happened to selling shit load of units based off on the skill of your rapping. it’s a sad ass sight to see mu’ fuckaz resorting to cheap marketing gimmickery to sell a mu’ fucking album at the expense of us, the black race. fuck you very muck slikour for calling me a fool. whichever way you try to twist this, you still called us fools.

  • he is a fool,by coming with a song not us.