Young Guru – Jigga’s personal engineer and DJ coming to SA!!

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Yes yes y’all it’s most definitely true that Young Guru is hitting our shores in a week’s time. He’ll be hosting a press conference in Cape Town and will be passing through J-Sec too – and ya know HYPE will be there to holler at the man who’s mixed 10 of Jay-Z’s 11 albums.

On official business, he’s here to launch his own scholarship fund at the SAE Institute which entails funding a student to study at the institute of creative media education for one year. He’ll also be conducting 2 workshops, one at the SAE campus and another in Mitchell’s Plein hosted by none other than Heal the Hood. Details as follows:

Young Guru DJ set LIVE! Alongside DJ Ready D and Azuhl
Zula Bar
Saturday, May 12

CT press conference
Monday, 14 May
SAE Institute, 5 Church Square, CT
@ 2:30pm

1st CT Workshop
Monday, 14 May
SAE Institute, 5 Church Square, CT
@ 4:30pm

RSVP Marilyn Thompson 021 465 3314/ 082 571 3261

2nd CT Workshop
Tuesday, 15 May
Mitchell’s Plain hosted by Heal The Hood
[Invitation by request]

www.capetown.sae.edu and www.healthehood.org.za/

  • Sjay ZA

    its all good seeing international peeps hittin our shows every now and then, this tells me that our HipHop is on the right track… Lets keep pushin it, BigUp Yours Hype mag!!

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