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GET TATTED UP FOR A GOOD CAUSE! GET TATTED UP FOR A GOOD CAUSE! e359728a735bdf346a0e54cbde5db19eThis year, Cape Town is launching its first Tattoo-A-Thon Campaign in aid of a Cancer Charity Organization.  CHOC (Childhood Cancer Foundation SA) is a nationwide organization aimed at holistic support for children suffering from various blood disorders.

On June 15, the Tattoo-A-Thon is aiming at raising an estimated R100, 000. Ten of Cape Town’s top tattoo artists will be doing their thing; approximately 300 tattoos a day will be done. The event will draw diverse South Africans who are willing to express their share of a helping hand by getting inked!

10 tattoo studios will be made available to interested participants, so get ready to overcome your fear of pain if you are a first-timer. Skills from tattoo houses such as Wildfire Tattoos, Sins of Style, Metal Machine and Mob Inc will be ready on location to hook you up. A set price of R700 has been confirmed, as well as a set size.

The CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation was established in 1979 by a parent group in Johannesburg.

Participants can book their tattoos directly with the tattoo studios, as well as visit www.tattooathon.co.za

For more information and interest in participating, call Jordan Gray: 074 191 1234

Bridgette Makhela

  • Roshern

    Hey there, I think its really good what you guys are doing. And would like to know are yous going to fix tattoos as well? And where will it be taking place?