Women and Hip Hop – say no to the fake image!

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“It’s funny how money changes situations, miscommunication leads to complications. My emancipation does not fit your equation.” I remember listening to this song and thinking Lauryn Hill has major talent. ‘Lost Ones’ was just a portion of all the other tracks she killed, with the likes of Erykah Badu who has amazing rhyming skills for days.

These two women, alongside other female artists, have shown many ladies that you don’t need to be afraid to have a mind and words you can express. But how many females are stepping up these days and spitting? I remember Erykah Badu stating in one of her interviews that if you a female and you want to make it in this industry you will need to get butt implants, big boobs, fake hair and you have to sound like a bimbo. She was talking how the level of hip hop has dropped when it comes to female rappers.

Women and Hip Hop – say no to the fake image! Women and Hip Hop – say no to the fake image! Kim Let us face it, this industry is dominated by males andas a woman you’re going to have to prove yourself twice as hard. Thanks to the likes of Nicki Minaj, who has sparked an uproar, now most females are not afraid to go on the mic and explore the talent that they think they may have. It’s hard for you not to get judged, but females should depend on their minds to sell their music rather than on their sex appeal. Research the hip hop game and what it takes to make it because, honestly, a fake image will only get you so far.

We need more Lauryn’s who are not afraid to go into a battle and win it. To actually rhyme about things that are happening in this world, not to be afraid, to step out and voice themselves. Hip Hop has no favourite gender. Whether you’re female or male, you need to deliver.

We are now living in a generation where constant change is happening everywhere you go. Respect is earned by the work you produce. So ladies, go out and spit those words that make peoples brain twitch. The more knowledge you acquire the better.

Nomsa Motale

  • MainEvent

    “Men lie, woman lie, numbers don’t”. That’s a quote from arguably one of the most successful rappers of our time, Jay-Z. What you’ve described is what has become necessary for women to conform to if they wanna sell an album. Let’s face it, respect only gets you so far. It’s the same reason why Jigga himself sold out and started making bubblegum music. In 1998, Jay-Z would have puked at the thought of making “on to the next one”. It isn’t great, but I understand where these people are coming from. Everybody gotta eat, and these mainstream artists just seem to have bigger appetites than everyone else.

  • palesa kometsi

    this is a reall beautifull article cud nt miss a word this is te reall truth!!!!

  • Paballo

    The article true and insparational it is just sad that women get acknowledge only on a specific month. even i am guilty however if you want experience the dopeness & power of female emcees and DJ’s cum thru at wall street night club in Tembisa on 26th 4pm – late in DM marokane and Kutse st. as a testament to the article


    Some women are hoes though.Nicki Minaj is a hoe in my opinion, and she will rap about what she likes. Male rappers are male-hoes and so they’ll rap about what they like, and dress up the way they do. I love rap and have never really heard a real, hard and intellectual rap songs. Wayne’s pun-lines are seriously annoying!! I think people need to grow balls and pursue passion. What about people who could’ve been managers but rather choose to be teachers! Come one, where is the heart! Rappers don’t have balls! Well most rappers.

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