A newcomer in the race

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A newcomer in the race A newcomer in the race Eze LapWhen you hear the name “Eze-lap”, you’ll probably think of someone who has it easy when it comes to the racetrack, coincidentally his flow is as fast as you would imagine him to be. A performer and an artist, he rose to prominence in 2009 when he featured on Mo’molemi’s well received sophomore album (a rebel without a pause: Motsamai). Since then his career has taken a remarkable turn and he’s never looked back. He’s been working with Mo’molemi ever since and they successfully developed a mentor/protégée relationship.

Currently with an ever-growing fan base, he’s had the opportunity to develop his own music style, which sets him apart from the rest of the pack. Eze-lap is something sort of a rhyme slayer, many are enticed and impressed by his ability to flow fast and rhyme thereon . With the little time spent on the scene, he’s performed at major shows such as the Maftown Heights, Kimberley Diamond Festival and has also performed alongside well known artists such as Khuli Chana, HHP and Towdee Mac. He has also showcased his talent in foreign countries like Mozambique at the Tambo Tambulani Arts Festival.

He cites his musical influences as Bone Thugs ‘n Harmony, Gym Class Heroes and Mo’molemi, as they all have their own approach when it comes to making music . He’s working on his Mix-tape titled “First Lap” and he is to feature in DJ Lemonka’s Motswako Tape Volume 2.

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  • Kuxx Motswakolista

    One thing imma say Eze O Botlhoko weeeee!!!!

    • Digerezi dikeyeletse ditswaletse BLAKA BLAKA ezi

    • Snowee The-RapMentor

      Ayo Eze_lap seri0us wadie KONKA MAN! ! !

  • Huuuu!!!! Ezi lap bra yaka ke seganka…!!!!

  • Solid-tee

    Ke tletse ngwana!!Push’a

  • mpolokang mvo oboletswe

    ke tletse lehipi

  • tattoo lefoko

    Eze! That’s my duuuuude!!!

  • Tahto illchill lekgetho

    Nthoena ke letanta

  • Jon Blaq

    Ezi-lap ke go tshwere 2 mahenza ntjaka…

  • mandy

    This is good stuff! Etsa best bubu

  • Zela boy tlhm

    B0na bona hao satlale wa tshologa Ezy njateng ke tletse

  • Given Teflon_Dk*

    “Namelela ko godimo tsetsepela boy”

  • Kickdat

    Eze-lap phusha bra !.

  • Keori Kr Krypton

    “Ha ke sbae mos,ha ke vae le d nae mos,sgatlhamela masisi o nkitsi ke se shy mos” halala Eze-lap ENTLE!Geen Subart!

  • Thuso Malatji

    Hae Eazy o botlhoko bra..
    Bona,ke daar ka wena!!

  • Tshepang

    Push harder mmataka

  • phax

    Bafaaaan u knw wat it is…. Pusha san

  • mutabaruka papiki mosoeu

    Eazy ketletse ntwana big things popping.WORD!!!!

  • T.Z.

    Eazy o botlhoko yo!!hustle on lepara!!!

  • tu klaps

    Ao banna slowly but surely we getting there doggy, hala black

  • EEEE….nna ga re utlwe gore gatweng?

    Can sumbady explain how this voting ting is done?


  • Vansweet Rantsoma


  • entle!ntjateng..we behind u dawg

  • For my site I can defeat eze lap he’s affraid of the crowd

  • Nka diga eze lap he’sd affraid of the crowd mos