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IN TOUCH WITH YOUNG NUCHO IN TOUCH WITH YOUNG NUCHO snNow most people know that the influences Hip Hop has on all who live it includes both positive and negative*haters* responses and with that embraced one got the chance to touch down with SleekNote member Young Nucho on how he manages the limelight and more..lets get familiar..

Its been a while since we’ve heard from Young Nucho, what has Young Nucho been up to?

I’ve been puttn alot of time in studio, working hard on my projects, I got a SleekNote Mixtape coming and my own other Mixtape EP where I’ll feature unrooted talent. I got unsigned producers Sykotix, Spittabeatz and rappers like Izzy, BloodNavey, BlueTearz and more. Young Nucho doesn’t brag about half-baked projects. I will be back in the spot when projects are fully cooked.

Within Hip Hop there has to be pressure points, haters and so on, how do you handle being negatively approached?

Well I get worried when I don’t get negatively approached, that’s what picks me up.They make me work harder than I’ve ever done and the more I get haters, the more I know I’ve accomplished something.

Who inspires Young Nucho?

Firstly I’m inspired by my team SleekNote, my brother who taught me to rap…and my greatest inspiration of all time will always be 2pac(RIP)

When did the whole Hip Hop thing actually start for you and how did u get into hip hop?

It all started in High School, we never thought we’d be this far by now. I have to thank my brother who introduced me to the Hip Hop culture. I always remember his words that ” Hip Hop is about sharing your feelings”, that’s the reason why today I can make a hit track like “I’m not Wayne”, where I tell my story. I also like to thank God, without him I wouldn’t be who I am. He planned my future a long time ago. At SleekNote we trust in God.

Whats your opinion on the growth of Hip Hop in Africa?

Well Hip Hop is growing in SA, my message to artists out there is please give unsigned artists a chance, there’s a lot of talent in SA, they only need one chance. SA artists are too greedy, if they can change their way they could change the industry as a whole.

Anything we can expect in future from Young Nucho?

Lots of future expectations from me and the SleekNote team. I’m looking forward to giving young people a chance to showcase their talent. I also want to be a good role model who guides kids to get educated. They look up to me and do whatever I do, so I’ll have to stay out of bad publicity.

One word that best describes Young Nucho?

I’m sorry, I’m too much to be described by one word. “The Voice Of The Voiceless”…five words describe me.

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Piece by: Rudzani “RooAT” Netshiheni

  • rhymi

    true that… Nah u deadly right my brother,keep up the good work

    • muther fucker nucho u have zero like y ‘re page

      • TF man you got somethin’ to entertain us wid?

    • Yo i believe in this guy and his team sleek note, ya’l jus hatin’.
      only problem is that he don’t get much coverage on the media especially on television,i mean the guy is an entertainer and a good rapper what more does he need ?


    now ths is wat i col a best role model ,he believs in talent i guess us the growing hp hop nation in S.a we hav a shot to mke it in the music industry #nucho be the best#


      Yeah mahn…younh nucho is indeed a role mordel…i 2 really hope we make it,specially hiphop cumin up…

      • Role mordel nucho is wayne it’s real abt 2 pc is lie

  • Baki

    Why does he(young nucho)acts,keeps and impersonate Lil Wayne from the way he looks to how he acts,i myself being biast yes think its creepy(not a hater dnt twist it)


  • Spitta Beatz

    My Homie Just Gave Us The Truth And Nothing But The Truth, Shout Out To Young Nucho, And More Hits Are On They Way

    • yo guys am also a rapper you can email me at ltyindyi@gmail.com if yo interestad on a new membern so i can let you hear on what i worked on.

  • Hip hop artists are greedy and dats true, I like the way you said it, “SA got talent they must give others a chance”


      Power ta young nucho…i’m rep’n young nucho nd i’m proud ta say it!

  • Nicely said.

  • Dre_Carter

    This nigga Nucho,I’ve forever respected ,he wants 2 make africa’s music industry a Huge place n he aint doing it 4 the money he’s doing it 4 the love oF thE gaMe…coz currently no motherphucken artist is beta than him or even tryin,his biggest rival is the nigga in the mirror…he’s willing to get independent artists a chance 2 change the game….He a #LEGEND 2me!!! He gets thE game… f@$# em greedy artist ,nw that thy got the money thy forget ,u also needed a chance b4 u became famous….

    • This nigga is doin his thing For South Africans and exploring his love for the Game!! Shout Out To Nucho!!!

    • fuck ya ‘ll y tokin’ about mutherdady suck nucho, poor nucho , pussy nucho I hate ya boy %100!

  • kealeboga amos aka def-inishin

    young nucho is a fake ass nigga,he is jst tryin 2 b lil wayne and tryin by all means to deny it…u fake nigga u fake

    • Awesome amos a.k.a def

  • Nucho is doin his thing!!!

  • Young Nucho is an inspiration! RICHEST RAPPER IN S0UTH AFRICA!! Younghec.sa

  • fake ass motherfucker don’t tell our rappers are greedy jst becoz their rael and you r a fake,u dont exist in s.a. hiphop we only know u becoz of lil waynes incident,don’t think we know u becoz of ur lame music,maybe u should look up to A.K.A and learn how it is done here down in africa.b*****cth

    • 4real this nigga he it wayne dick! fuck ya nucho

  • Man this nigga can eat a dick somebody tell this fake nigga to stop pole jocking Tunechi the only reason your ass is called a rapper is because you’re literally raping Lil Waynes style

  • Spitta Beats/ SyKoTiX

    I spitta beats and the the SyKotIx rEaLLy aPpric8 da oportunity

  • Lee

    Yo leave ths nigga alone man he’s doin it 4 africa let’s just b proud of him n jst 4gt bwt ths Wayne shit

  • @infamous_iv

    fuck nucho his is a copycat why he is faking Wayne thank god when Wayne slapped him in december 2011 he really deserved it

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