Kid Cudi in South Africa for exclusive BlackBerry event?

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Kid Cudi in South Africa for exclusive BlackBerry event? Kid Cudi in South Africa for exclusive BlackBerry event? 82b8112a8ee83fa71c7c1d243247ed14If you are street smart, you’ll know that the word on the street is that American Hip Hop artist Kid Cudi will be in South Africa real soon. And by soon we mean this month! On 23 February the BlackBerry smartphone brand is said to be holding an exclusive event starring Kid Cudi. Unfortunately it won’t be one of those big shows you can purchase tickets for.

Remember back in 2011 when Blackberry and 5FM brought British rapper Tinie Tempah to the country? No tickets were sold to the public and the event was held at a secret location. Blackberry is once again hooking up that kinda vibe but this time bringing Kid Cudi. Hopefully the word is 100% true.

The location probably won’t be revealed unless you are exclusively invited to the event or you work at the Blackberry offices. Tickets can be won through various competitions that Blackberry will have on 5FM.

We pretty sure hardcore fans will somewhat be disappointed that they might not be able to catch the rapper in full view. Keep your ears and eyes open to possibly win yourself tickets. Good luck!

Bridgette Makhela

  • so unfair,

  • Deecee 1da

    It’s so sad im a dyng fan of kid and now that he will in the motherland and i wont be able to see him i feel fucked up

  • Ghost

    post me more details.”competition details” etc

  • Mario Oliver

    competition details please….

  • Mario Oliver

    i will do anything for a ticket…Hype help me see the that “Kid named cudi”….