Pick of the Week – Battle of the Yellow Bones

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We couldn’t resist this one. Two mellow-yellow  beauties that have infiltrated the industry through our radios and TV screens, Bonang Matheba and Pearl Thusi are Africa’s answer to the Tyra Bank’s and Kimora Lee’s of the world.In this edition of Pick of the Week, we square them off against each other.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the sexiest of them all? Check out the pics and have your say on the poll on the left-hand sidebar. Enjoy.

  • palesa

    Pearl is fresh. She takes it easy with a bang. Bonang started in the industry long b4 Pearl, so u can’t compare.

  • busie

    Bonang is just thee greatest hey and u really can’t compare her to a new face Pearl, and Pearl is also good in her own way! But bonang is the best I must say 🙂

  • mandisa

    mirror on the wall you is the preeties of them all? (you asked).
    The QueenB, is the BEST OF THE ALL. you just cannot compare Pearl to the QUEEN. (shes fresh, fun, humble, stylish, sexy and an achiver, need i say more.

    on the other hand not so sure about Peral as she’s a newza. give her a year or two then compare her to THE QUEEN.

  • Nobubele

    It isn’t a competition, hands down the Queen Bee deserves this title. uPearl is bits and pieces of other people’s personalities she wants to be this “Ntombi yomZulu” when her Zulu sounds modernized but then wants to personify this sophisticated lady on Real Goboza. What’s more unfortunate is her appearance on Live Amp…we all know how well Bonang did on there. So shame, Pearl is probably a wonderful person and I give it her for being pretty but B and all her attributes and accolades make her HOTT!!!!.

  • Airforcezvil

    I just go 4 Bonang she so sexy and cute we cn’t just compere her with the chick

  • Musa

    Pearl is so hot, i just love her.

  • Fifi

    Bonang is not a yellow bone, she is dark! And yes she is good at what she does!!

  • fidel madibana

    Bonang z da best people….

  • Pumeza Makaba

    Lol, Bonang is not a yellow bone. Pearl is.

  • Charlie Nel

    Unlike Bonang, Peral Thusi likes to keep it real. She is not afraid to be seen without weave, she is real from head to toe and also sizzling for a mother she is a goddess. Unless you take off the horse hair that Bonang walks around with 24/7 then ya’ll can compare. In the meantime my vote goes to Pearl.

  • Gomolemo P’jay

    Queen b is the best compared 2 pearl right now.we should give pearl a year or two then compare them

  • Bell Brown

    The Question is, mirror mirror on the wall, who is the sexiest of them all. I see ya’ll are talking about success. Well lemme answer for you: Pearl is sexier than Bonang, she don’t need no photoshop, no bleach and no weave.

  • say it like it is

    yes wealth and fame…..bonang takes it but beauty….bonang take a back seat and let pearl to ride the bus.lets compare….take bonang off the weaves okabona mohlolo…yet pearl is original… just to ask can you imagine pearl in a weave essentuating her yellow bone skin???

  • My vote goes 2 pearl cause she is hot

  • Dee

    Bonang has more star power, talent, fame & success. We like Pearl for her looks bt even more bcoz while everyone is trying to be European shes going in the opposite direction & embracing being African with her Afro, Zulu etc. She doesn’t try to be white despite how she looks & we love her 4 that.

    Bonang is more relatable & more popular because of how she looks & her PERSONALITY. We like Pearl for her looks & originality.

  • Dee

    @Bell Brown Lmao. All around its almost like there’s a certain standard of beauty. Pearl is closer to it. Y would she weave when she got that loosely curled mixed person afro. She’s VERY lightskin her completion is not even yellow its luminous white so Y would she need bleach? She also got European features like tall height, nose, body, lightskin so there is less need 4 photoshop.

    Bonang makes us feel proud to be black with her success but Pearl is secretly what we would like be outside & on the inside.

  • siphesihl ndlovu

    i say my vote goes to pearl.yes people bonang is the best bt hey atleast pearl isnt that sluttish like queen b