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GALXBOY Presents: FVCK VIP GALXBOY Presents: FVCK VIP FuckVIPAbout 5 months ago we had the explicit interview with the founder of GALXBOY and we touched on how the brand started from the bottom and on how it got to be where it is today.Now we recently just got introduced to The FvCK VIP event, presented by GALXBOY, which was held on 23 March. If you didn’t notice the Twitter buzz the event had leading to the event, than where were you my n*gga? Speaking to the man Vuittots himself, let’s find out what went down.

Okay let’s get straight to it. 23 March was a ‘normal’ day for some, but an exciting day for most, twitter was on about the Fvck VIP party, wassup? Is this the beginning of GALXBOY Fvck VIP parties?

Yeah We gon be throwing more FVCK VIP Parties for the GXB_GANG… nothing too fancy, just a clean party, no mini concerts or anything like that.

The GALXBOY movement has grown amazingly since the previous HYPE interview we had. What was the idea behind this event and who were the key people behind it?

Well basically the party was to celebrate my birthday so I just saw an opportunity to just host something for the people that support GALXBOY.

So if one was to ask what FVCK VIP was all about what answer would one expect to get?

Literally F*** VIP’S [laughs]. It’s all about real people doing real things coming to real pure partying, none of that showing off or anything like that.

Your marketing strategy seems to be more of a personal and direct approach towards the GALXBOY followers/supporters. How does that technique work for ya? You think the brand is pushed more through your marketing techniques or is it all love?

It’s all love man, I’ve got all my followers on BBM, all the Q’s they have I answer myself so we kinda know each other. Sometimes I deliver the products myself so that I can see what type of people are supporting. The marketing is not forced on, we don’t manipulate them in anyway, it’s really just all love.

Last time you said “people that push GALXBOY are people who appreciate and believe in it and we appreciate them”. At the recent Kanye West concert the ProTwerkers performed wearing some GALXBOY gear (tight a*s good looking leggings to be precise). Was that something planned or was that just an example of how far GALXBOY is going?

Well that wasn’t planned ‘cause the Major League DJ’s just asked me for a couple of leggings, not telling me what it was for, so I just gave ‘em cause they fam. Then on the day of the concert I’m in the crowd, all of a sudden I see ‘em leggings on the big screen! It was just a blessing man, I thank the ProTwerkers for Putting on. The Youth Is Winning.

Now everyone has witnessed what GALXBOY had to offer during the summer season and with winter just around the corner, what can we expect on the table to keep us warm??

Clean Crazy Threads!! Beanies, Sweaters, Sweatpants, Jackets, underwear, Leather, Leggings And More.

Rudzani “RooAT” Netshiheni

  • Mackenzie

    Galxboy is the future…all thanx to my guy Mr vuitots true original arristic work#respect taking the fashion world nd S.A to the next level

  • BoyzenT

    Really loving whats happening with this brand. Im wearing a GalxBoy snapback while typing this comment just by the way haha. Word to hommie Tots. U going big sahn!!

  • Trevy Trev

    eyy YOW, I just LOVE the brand and really think its going to take over the market. What I think is a winner for the brand is that it caters for both males and females, unlike some of the local brands we’ve seen….Word to Thabiso aka Vuittots

  • Anley

    Yow man big ups to tha man behind Galxboy…keep up the movement you my inspiration

  • Galxboy is pretty much a “cool ,regular” streetwear clothingline,the designs are hottt,I kid you not. But shopping for those clothes is a hustle and most customers like myself dislike hustles.

    For Starters:
    1.Galxboy.com has a site that was last updated on 2012,which means everything on that site can be duplicated without a court case. And I’ve seen hella duplicates in town already.

    2.Why should customers have to add galxboy.com on bbm or email them for information that should be on their site already? This is rather unprofessional because Mr.V’s availability on bbm is limited,takes about 3 to 6 hours for a decent reply,as for the email,DAYSSS.

    3.A friend of mine has a Galxboy.com crewneck and the clothingTag is labeled “Made in china”this is no problem at all, I got hella clothes made in china but if I’m not mistaken, galxboy.com seems proudly South African and they are a lot of wholesalers within SA ,why get china material?

    Last but not least, this is simply a customers complain. Tackle it or ignore it but its true.

  • atinnoh

    @cbuu clouds i think every manager has their philosophies about how certain things should be done.you have to respect company etiquette for success in business but more importantly you have to take criticism in order to grow.i believe vuittots will see to it that he modifies the web according to the customers needs.about the brand i think the whole concept is a “magnum opus” (great work).its all love after all.