Zooming in on the label PRAY FOR PARIS

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Zooming in on the label PRAY FOR PARIS Zooming in on the label PRAY FOR PARIS p5As hip hop becomes more fashion conscious its become a norm to evaluate and recognize popular fashion street brands that are seen as desirable locally and internationally. And with this statement made I got the opportunity to interview the people behind the fresh and prominent international Pray For Paris brand that has been receiving positive attention from all those fashion conscious. Breaking the international boundaries that once existed, let’s find out more about the brand from the creators themselves.

When and how did Pray For Paris come about?

Pray for Paris was born by the need for an affordable high street alternative which is trend driven yet original.The fashion industry has been in a steady decline for the past decade since ‘fast fashion’ has flourished and spread globally, with help from multinational retail outlets such as Zara and Topshop. Trends seen on the runway at fashion week can now be in a high street store within 10 days and at a fraction of the price. Recently this has been taken to the extreme when outlets copy everything from the designer garment including print, cut and colour. This hits the designers sales and profits hugely and has seen the fashion industry change dramatically, leaving many thinking about the future of the true fashion.

The exposure and popularity that the brand has been receiving just seems to get better better, as Kanye West was even seen rocking one of your shirts, are there any specific people who have a helping hand in pushing the brand?  

Zooming in on the label PRAY FOR PARIS Zooming in on the label PRAY FOR PARIS Kanye Pray For ParisOur customers are the brands best promotion. They are so excited about the brand and help us to tell the world about Pray for Paris. Which is great!

There are many other brands out there that have gained a certain level of success/failure. What would you say really separates the Pray For Paris brand from the rest?  

Pray for Paris isn’t like any other brand, we create pieces of art which are so much more than just clothing. We want people to feel like the most important people in the world when they wear our clothing, and they do! We love our customers.

What range of clothing does Pray For Paris offer? 

At the moment we offer t-shirts and hats. However we are expanding into sweatshirts, backpacks and jackets very soon.

How can one get their hands on some Pray For Paris clothing?

At the moment Pray For Paris is exclusively sold through our website www.prayforparis.com

Zooming in on the label PRAY FOR PARIS Zooming in on the label PRAY FOR PARIS prayforparis copyWhat can we expect in future? any other projects taking place? 

Yes we are collaborating with some very interesting brands and artists in the near future. Look out for exclusive pieces and exciting fashion pieces.

One WORD that best describes the brand? 



Written by: Rudzani “RooAT” Netshiheni

  • Where can one buy these shirts in SA??

    • Ray

      How much do they cost

      • How much dose it cost in south africa??

    • Sizwe Jordan

      You can go to Sandton City my brother, and browse around the shops coz I fogot the name of the shop but the shop sells dope kicks and its sort of hip hop based shop just look around sbali

  • thabo

    wer cn we find pray for paris in sa

  • thabo

    @ wt cost do this cost

  • Izzy Ysabella

    When was this line out? If it was two years ago.. yall knew that Paris was gonna be attacked…. thas why it’s covering it’s eyes cause we are blind to see the truth it’s all a lie, this has been planned and yall are sickos. God will forgive yall.

    • Marley West

      Crazy stuff Jesus is coming soon