Cap City’s Nellmapius Hip Hop On The Rise

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LemapiEnt_HYPE002LowRes Cap City's Nellmapius Hip Hop On The Rise Cap City's Nellmapius Hip Hop On The Rise LemapiEnt HYPE002LowResCap City has produced some of the biggest artists such as JR, N’veigh, Flex Boogie and Blaklez just to mention a few and has since been recognised as a rap gold mine. Now word on the street is that there’s a new bunch of upcoming artists from Nellmapius making their mark one step at a time, event after event and local station after local station. This time we got a chance to interview the upcoming Mamelodi based group Lemapi Entertainment,comprised of Krayze,Teeza,Scarra,3two1 & Alkom,who having started to build up their rep in their hood.

Describe the Hip Hop scene in Nellmapius..
Jumping straight into a cliché (excuse us), we’d say we are set apart from other hoods in terms of our approach and sound. There are a few artists with plenty of potential and there is uniqueness in each individual, together we stand but no copy cats outchea.

You guys seem to be growing your reputation and getting love from your hood, as big as Cap City is… what is Lemapi’s aim in our local Hip Hip scene?
No clichés this time [they laugh]. Our aim is to create our very own unique sound which can become Cap City’s identity but also touch bases with other places as well. The love we’re getting is like a mirror effect in a way that we give love through our music and it bounces back from our followers.

How competitive would you say Cap City is and how do you guys intend on competing with the rest?
Cap City is a potential threat in the game, it hasn’t reached the level it deserves but it’s most definitely on its way there. Competitiveness is crucial in the game in order for one to stand out and we intend not to compete with the existing competition, but to create our own lane.

What style would you say Lemapi adopted?
First and foremost we are solo artists but moving as a diverse unit. We are mainly influenced by motswako, dubstep, trap and we bring our own twist to it. We’re trying to fill the unfilled gap in the industry to the best of our ability, full throttle.

Which local group would you say is winning at the moment?
Dreamteam is doing best at the moment, we respect their hustle. They are making really good music.

One word that best describes Lemapi Entertainment?






Listen to Lemapi’s latest Hip Hop joint #Jordans and be the judge on whether Nellmapius Hip Hop is the future.
#Jordans Download Link


Written by: Rudzani “RooAT” Netshiheni

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