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IMG-20140217-WA005 MEET THE RAW TALENT THAT IS FLOYDBEST MEET THE RAW TALENT THAT IS FLOYDBEST IMG 20140217 WA005Since he started rapping from age 13, Floyd Thendo Tshipota, a Cap City based rapper that grew up in Seshego, has gotten quite an impressive amount of buzz in his city. Doing his own thing by getting involved in the VENRAP movement where he was comfortable with his venda comrades, he’s dropped a series of mixtapes and recently won Best Rap single at the Pretoria music awards. He’s one upcoming artists that intends on making it up the Hip Hop ladder regardless and although he’s still unsigned, there’s no doubting the raw talent that is FloydBest.

HYPE: You seem to be straight on point with what you want to achieve. Emotionally what does Hip Hop mean to you?
FloydBest: Hip Hop means a lot to me; personally it’s a lifestyle. It allows me to be who I want to be regardless of what other people think. It is Art/Poety, it’s all I have and all I will ever need. It is my friend when I am feeling lonely and my voice of reason. Without Hip Hop I wouldn’t be complete; Whether it’s hearing rhymes over some beat-boxing or just listening to amazing lines. I relate with other peoples’ stories and struggles.

Shed more light on the VENRAP movement…
IMG-20140217-WA007 MEET THE RAW TALENT THAT IS FLOYDBEST MEET THE RAW TALENT THAT IS FLOYDBEST IMG 20140217 WA007VENRAP is a movement that was started a few years ago by the likes of the late Divo Davanger. It did not have a name back then but as time went on the people who were moved by coined the term VENRAP. It inspired artists like Mizo Phyll, FWO, Toofab, King Izzy, Homiecide and Elphonic, just to name a few. Currently the movement is being overlook in the country but it is on the rise as many VENRAP artists are breaking into the main stream to make their mark.

How would you describe our local Hip Hop scene today and who’s leading the game in your opinion? 
The scene is dynamic, it’s constantly changing which is a good thing because it gets competitive, leaving no room for lazy rappers. Only those who grind the hardest shine the most, and judging from were it started it’s matured a lot. A few years back it was just a hobby for most people but now you can really make a career out of it. AKA has taken the lead, the boy is just too fresh with it, from the rhymes, delivery & flow nobody is touching him just yet. But like prom or a matric dance, there will always be another king next year.

What is your opinion about the constant comparisons between Cap City and J-Sec’s Hip Hop scenes?
Cap City’s scene is not as live as one would wish due to the lack of promoters, but it is slowly picking up the pace. Local clubs are religious about the Hip Hop night sessions, but the sad part is that they happen during the week when most people are tied up with their work or school. As for the comparison between J-Sec and Cap City, there isn’t much difference although J-Sec seems to be more vibrant.

You recently won Best Rap Single at the Pretoria awards, how was that achievement like for you?
No lie it was great, it gave me hope that I can still go further and achieve even bigger things in life and it gave a massive boost to my confidence as an artist. It was also a wake up call that I have to take my craft very seriously so I don’t fall off like most of the rappers I know. It was a wonderful experience.

Any new projects you currently working on?
I am currently working on a project called Dynamite with the assistance of #toofab music.

One word that best describes FloydBest?IMG-20140217-WA006 MEET THE RAW TALENT THAT IS FLOYDBEST MEET THE RAW TALENT THAT IS FLOYDBEST IMG 20140217 WA006

Written by: Rudzani “RooAT” Netshiheni 

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    Big up @floydbest take limpopo to new hights

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    he is future of S.A Hiphop

  • Make us proud… #One

  • Ha ha ha we stay winning.. Shouts to floyd yo good looking my G you elevate the art like a gallery in a lift… Holler back holmes

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    One of the dopest mc’s I have had an opportunity to work with as producer.

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    yo Cuz do your thing and keep the flame alive you been pushing now you reapn the rewards word son

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    Ayt nyc one @floydbest…..take our surname to the top #fam….proud of yah

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    Don’t be discouraged floyd keep it up boi…I lv ur music…nd u will make it..I’m proud of u,bt u shud knw dt wen u ar doing gud.u get lot of enemies#stay strong niq we waiting for your album

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