GLASSES TO THE CEILING – #HypeSessionsCPT 10 Year Anniversary

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Cape Town played host to the final leg of our 10 year anniversary tour of #HypeSessionsExtreme. In the heart of the city, The Loop filled up with hip hop heads in anticipation of an epic hip hop experience: and that’s what they got.


Grandmaster Ready D wasted no time setting the tone of the night with an old school set that got everyone in the mood. Cape Town was in the building and representing, and that was never as apparent as when DJ LYLE took the stage to supply heat in the form of a local set that contained banger after banger. From then on it was only a matter of time before Youngsta took the stage and caused pandemonium with his latest single ‘Salutas’ and then called on Ill Skills to join him for what was a special moment for the city’s hip hop heritage.


Without giving the crowd a chance to recover, Mr Audio HD himself stepped on stage and blew the roof off with a performance that affirmed his position as one of the best in game at the moment, even getting a little emotional.

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“I was 17 when I bought the first one. I wanted to be a part of it from that very day. So It gives me so much pleasure and pride to headlining this show tonight. If you have some sort of history with this magazine, then you owe it to hip hop and yourself to come out and put your #GlassesToTheCeiling and celebrate with us!”


The night was taken home by DJ ph. And the rest as they say, is history. Big shout out to everyone who came through to celebrate with us.