J.Cole, changing the game with new album

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“She don’t wanna be saved, don’t save her!” The first time I listened to the song ‘No Role Modelz’ by J. Cole I knew that I would not be disappointed. I really couldn’t wait to get an eargasm from the rest of the songs from his album. The Twitter streets were buzzing and most people were really impressed with Cole’s new work. I must say this album is more conscious and the story telling is on another level! Songs like ‘Apparently’ give you an insight about what Cole has been through emotionally and his transparency and openness is exactly what we need!

‘January 28th’ was another song that really stood out to me, not only because he kept ish real but because he was addressing most of the problems we face as society, especially when you come from a black community, it’s the kind of song that makes you think about how far we have come as a nation, not forgetting to mention the shots that were fired to some of the artists in the music industry, but hey that’s a story for another day!

Other tracks like ‘Fire Squad’ were on point! This song reminded me of Cole’s hit song ‘Who Dat?’ where he is just spitting and letting everybody know why he’s in the rap game and why he is intending on staying and flipping the switch! The beats are not too much, so you can hear his lyrics very well on that song. It’s all about him going in HARD!

I know a lot of guys were going on and on about ‘Wet Dreamz’, surely most of them could relate. But overall I must say J. Cole poured out his soul and talent on most of these songs and he always reminds us that Hip Hop is a culture and a movement. The beats completed each song and his flow was proper. His songs will make you think and remind you why music is art! A definitely must-have classic piece of dopeness.

Written by Nomsa Motale


  • Kevin Banks

    J Cole has really found his zone in the rap game he’s not following trends and is truly doing his own thing, a much needed album for 2014 which hasn’t been a great year for hip hop albums, very soulful and moving. I used to hate the thought of Cole singing but he incorporates it well in this album. Definitely the album of the year it’s very cohesive and an easy listen, stand out songs for me were January 28th, Apparently, Love Yourz, Firesquad.

    With regards to production there were some truly dope instrumentals on this project such as A Tale of 2 citiez, January 28th, Firesquad, St Tropez and Wet Dreams. I give it a solid 7/10 Cole is close to finding that perfect mixture between rapping and singing and has a loyal fanbase so the future is bright.