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lupetetsuo LUPE DROPS 9 MINUTE TRACK IN ANTICIPATION OF ALBUM LUPE DROPS 9 MINUTE TRACK IN ANTICIPATION OF ALBUM lupetetsuo Lupe Fiasco’s album Tetsuo & Youth is dropping tomorrow and he’s just dropped a 9 minute track to convince the non-believers that he is still a problem, despite what Azelea Banks might thing.

Lupe has somewhat experienced a public decline in recent years stemming from conflicts with his record label Atlantic Records which has caused the Chicago emcee to produce mediocre projects (by Lupe’s standards) in the form of Lasers and Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Album Part 1. His general faith towards the human spirit has also diminished radically and we’ve seen the once congenial rapper act this out in situations including Obama hate-speech at a pro-Obama rally to his daily flagrant Twitter wars with fans and fellow musicians alike (Freddie Gibbs, Azealia Banks, GrandeMarshall, Kid Cudi.)

Since his communication regarding this album has gone from him calling it “ratchet” to dropping actual dope content like ‘Next To It’, no-one is quite sure what to expect of it. But hopefully ‘Mural’ is an indication.

Lupe has stated that Youth & Tetsuo will be his last on Atlantic, his home for most of the last decade.

It is due tomorrow.

Listen to ‘Mural’ here: http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/lupe-fiasco-mural-new-song.1961737.html


  • Jordan 23 Sizwe

    ladies and gents in SA please know this Lupe Fiasco is an underdog God, hes very good his lyrics are complex for people that prefer trap music(mediocre genre), but anyway I suggest u listen to songs like no scratches, madonna, they resurrect.over.new man infact the whole album.. Note been a lupe fan since Super Star came out so am not just hyping about him I know what am talking about, and if u want the album tracks email: jordanthandisizwe@gmail.com