iFani Is Dropping An Album & Aiming For Gold In One Day

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iFani will be announcing the launch of his innovative campaign around the release of his upcoming 2nd album via a dedicated Twitter Session.

He will engage with fans during the 40 minute Twitter Session using the hashtag #1stDayGold on Monday 30 March at 15h00 in at attempt to sell 20,000 copies (South African gold status) of his album I Believes In Me: 2nd Quadrant in its first day of release.

This initiative will be supported by Twitter Music and shared with over 6million followers.

 “My dream is to sell GOLD on the first day of release which is Wednesday 29 April, hence the hashtag #1stDayGold.

I am working and praying for my country’s support with this initiative,”  says the Eastern Cape rapper.

The exact mechanic of how it will work is yet unclear but it will be very interesting to witness how this ambitious initiative plays out. Check out the details below:

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  • Jordan 23 Sizwe

    Not to be negative or anything but SA is still getting used to the idea of buying local music and I think our artists are putting pressure on us “Supporters” coz I listen to him and if he does not reach his goal I will be disappointed. I wish he does and I know for a fact I will buy that copy but how many are we going to buy the copy????????????????

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