PhaaTOONZ Studios Drop ‘Respek’ Khuli Chana Lyric Video. Watch

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Khuli Chana and PhaaTOONZ Studios, who are known for bringing you the Kroniklez of Hip Hop web series, have collaborated for a fun lyric video. The video is an animated spin-off of Khuli’s ‘Respek‘ joint, which will prelude the official video, which is yet to come.
In the visual, an animated Khuli is seen breaking it down in a crown, re-iterating the message of song as Khuli reflects on his career and flexes on the young’ns too a little.

“More than anything, I just wanted to innovate & to involve my fans. I’ve built a family with my listeners. I’m forever thankful for their support. I wanted a cool concept to not only involve fans, but to give them a closer look into the track,” Khuli told HYPE.

Peep the animation below and let us know what you think: