Watch The Behind-The-Scenes Of Rihanna’s ‘Work’ Recording

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untitled-article-1454956527 Watch The Behind-The-Scenes Of Rihanna's 'Work' Recording Watch The Behind-The-Scenes Of Rihanna's 'Work' Recording untitled article 1454956527

Rihanna has been sharing a few snippets of her upcoming ‘Work’ video with Drake, and now there is a short behind-the-scenes video of the recording of the song.

In the video we get a short glimpse of how Rihanna works on her music. Although we don’t get to see her do any of the recording , we see her hang out in the studio with her friends while sipping on some wine.  Drake does not make an appearance in the video.

Her new album ANTI is already dominating the pop charts after a week of sales.

Peep the video below: