AKA Has Controversially Pulled Out Of Back To The City Line-Up

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AKA is no stranger to controversy. More than that, the tug-of-year between him and the organisers of both the South African Hip Hop Awards and Back To the City Festival go back about four years ago.

After making amends with the organisers two years ago and even attending SAHHA, AKA is back it again as he’s announced that he will no longer be performing at BTTC 2016, as he was initially supposed to. We could dissect it for you and offer different opinions but he did a pretty detailed job at explaining his reason himself in a statement issues in Twitter.

Read below and let us know what you think: is this a case of drama queen fever on AKA’s part or are his reasons sensible and valid?


  • comfort

    this is a terrible article, do spell checks before you publish and what do you mean ‘drama queen’?

  • Tumi

    We need supermega at back to the city thats a fact so they must give him wht he wants

  • Robot Wiseman mngomezulu

    fuck this guy honestly ,.. He aint that good ..good riddance

  • Sabelo Mabuya

    yeah spell check pls. AKA is right we cant be going around saying the artist of old were robbed and died with nothing and then expect today’s artists to just swallow the bullshit they are handed just cos there is an “International act” on the line up. what makes an international act, is AKA not an international act cos i seem to remember something about the MTV awards, AFRIMA, et. if this ninja performs in Lesotho, UK, USA and y’all still wanna talk about international acts, “international acts” then i agree fully with AKA, only am really like FUCK BTTC!!!!….Sincere81 saidit

  • Pule Lekalakala

    I think he placed valid points, AKA is a big artist, arguably the biggest SA Hip Hop artist, he’s earned his difference

  • thabo

    Hey dumb fuc*s 4get spell checks… we hv been giving these American pricks r money 4 far 2 long it’s time we appreciate our own #long live AKA n what you believe in respect

  • Donald Donnie-dee Hlalethwa

    Instead of crying about make your own and have your own condition

  • Tim Touch

    People are going on about spell checks, disregarding the fact of the matter. Bra Don Laka raised a similar point and although AKA might have an ego as huge as Jupiter, the points raised here are valid and cut skin deep. SA needs to invest more in their own and our own need to know their value and not settle for second best to artists from abroad in their own country. AKA is spot on with this one.

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