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LIFE is not permanent.
But through our CREATIONS.
We Become Eternal.

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The short message “Fight impermanence” is plastered across the back of the shirts I made in order to be a form of protest against one of the main ideas that drives me, Jamaal Franklin Co-Founder of Eternal DC.Which is the desire to be forever remembered, whether directly or indirectly through my creations.

The Black and white Tee’s entitled ‘Gemini’ wer created by Co-Founder M. Jachuku O. Howard. These T-shirts run and focus on the idea of “Two sides to a Story”. The same design on the center of the shirt is also on the back but much bigger playing with perception. As you come closer to the shirt you notice the distressing and rips on side of the shirt. Each side represents their own truth but the 3m laces that sew the shirt back together represents the idea that by bringing the two sides together you can manifesting the whole truth.

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The Cotton Candy shirts have light pastel colors to represent the delicacy of the summer season but yet they have a strong message. The Japanese characters say “Baby even though seasons change people don’t” again going along with the idea that the message people’s effect and legacy last unlike season which vary and change.

Visit www.eternaldc.com for more info.

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