Listen to Acid’s New ‘Most Nights’ Banger

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Former member of Treehouse “Acid”, recently dropped off a new record called ‘Most Nights’ after approximately 8/9 months without dropping any solo work. The song’s description is as follows, Acid found a girl that helps him forget about his saddest and darkest corners of  life , they both use each other as an escape from a world they both feel enslaved and trapped in. This is a thriller track about a joyride they take throughout the night which metaphorically describes and defines their love for each other. Those outside of their love view the relationship as toxic but to them it’s the purest and realist love form as it has a raw balance of good and bad. Through the night they live their most darkest and desired fantasies, they’d do anything for each other as their are lost in a world of twist , thrill and strong emotion.

Listen to Acid's New 'Most Nights' Banger Acid Most Nights Final

Listen below: