The Frontline Issue 2016


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Back to HYPE God Level Verbalz: HYPE Visualz: XIXXCIV Illustration: OHYESLORD Success has never been an obvious thing. What you put in ideally results in what you get out of it all. Sounds so simple when you think about, but we all know it will never be that simple and...Read More »


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Back to HYPE You Can’t Stop Her Verbalz: HYPE Visualz: Rouge Illustration: OHYESLORD The time was around a couple of minutes past 3 p.m. on a pretty mediocre Thursday when we got the call from reception that our appointment had arrived. Thoughts quickly gathered for a moment as we walked...Read More »

Wichi 1080

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Back to HYPE The Realest Myth Verbalz: HYPE Visualz: Wichi 1080 Illustration: OHYESLORD Have you ever heard a song so hypnotizing that as soon as you press that play button the beat is the actual magic of the hypnotism? A sound so transcending that you couldn’t possibly imagine that this...Read More »

Top 5 Most Aggressive SA Hip Hop Artists

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Back to HYPE Angry & Hungry Top 5 Angriest SA Hip Hop Artists Revealed Verbalz: HYPE Illustration: The Craft(ZA) Now here’s a young story for you: In the beginning there was oppression and oppression so hated a minority group of people that the oppressed gave birth to hip hop. Now...Read More »