Palladium SS16 Collection

Palladium has always been about city exploration, everything from the brand positioning, communication and tagline: “engineered for city terrain”. Their brand purpose is to inspire millennials to travel and explore cities across the world.

For Spring/Summer 2016, heritage boot brand Palladium enforces its position as the premiere authentic and alternative brand in the young adult lifestyle channel through its City Proof campaign and product, as well as its clear vision and aesthetic toward new silhouettes. All new men and women’s styles will reflect it’s engineering for city terrain; from sneaker infused comfort, to lightweight soles and waterproof fabrications. The collection ranges in retail price from R1,499.00 – R3,399.00.

kp-palladium  Palladium SS16 Collection KP Palladium

Now let’s read-up on some Palladium Boots SS16 info below:

PAMPATECH, HI TX | UNISEX | Price Check= R2,499.00


These are the PAMPATECH HI TX which are the main drive behind S/S 2016. Made with 7,000 step comfort technology—the average amount of steps taken by a city dweller per day—these includes a breathable mesh booty construction, an asymmetrical toe cap for added stability, a soft PU comfort sock liner, an EVA step strobe last, and a non slip rubber tread to maximize city terrain ease. The HI TX has the comfort of a sneaker, but protection of a boot, with an aesthetic that’s easily transitional between work and leisure. The HI TX, features diamond woven ballistic nylon exteriors.

PALLAVILLE | Men’s and Women’s | Price Check= R1,999.00 – 2,299.00

Now right here Palladium is introducing the PALLAVILLE for men and women, its lightest product offering for long days and nights in the city. Available in a variety of low and high top styles, the common ground between them is the EVA sole, which provides the lightweight factor; as well as its blend between a sneaker and a boot. Men’s include the HI NBCK, featuring premium nubuck leather and athletic speckled bottom. Women’s include similar technical specs but with brighter colourways in the HI NBCK.

palla  Palladium SS16 Collection pallap  Palladium SS16 Collection p



Palladium introduces unlined nubuck camel leather for the PALLABROUSE CML and the PALLARUE HI ZIP CML.  Camel leather is unique in that it’s one of the strongest yet softest leathers, perfect to brave any outdoor exploration. Every pair has a slightly different pattern and changes over time with wear. The PALLABROUSE features a fashion-forward collar that can be worn up or down; and the PALLARUE features a sportier profile with a heel zip for quick foot entry.

p1  Palladium SS16 Collection p1p2  Palladium SS16 Collection p2p3  Palladium SS16 Collection p3