Chance the Rapper Talks About Being A “Christian Rapper” Who Doesn’t “Make Christian Rap”

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In a recent interview with Teen Vogue, Chance the Rapper labelled himself as a “Christian rapper” while exclusively talking to acclaimed Get Out director Jordan Peele for a special cover story. Chance mentions how he sees himself as different from the traditional “Christian rap” scene but singles himself out as a “Christian rapper” who “fully gives glory to God.”

“One of my biggest fears with Coloring Book was that it would be labeled. I hate labels,” – Chance the Rapper

“I never sought out for people to recognize it as a gospel album. I don’t make Christian rap, but I am a Christian rapper. When I was going out and trying to fully give glory to God, in my setting, I feared that people would be dismissive of it, like, ‘This is Christian rap, I’m not trying to hear it.’ But it’s the total opposite: People were very accepting of it. Whether they say, ‘I’m an atheist, but I love Coloring Book’ or they say, ‘I’m so glad I was able to get closer to God through this project,’ people had formed opinions about what I put into the world. I think that’s always the goal of art, is to make people ask themselves questions.” – Chance the Rapper

He further also talks about Kanye West, racial issues, movies and Dave Chappelle. You can check out the full interview here. E

Chance the Rapper Talks About Being A "Christian Rapper" Who Doesn't "Make Christian Rap" Chance The Rapper brixton 2016 billboard 1548